22 thoughts on “March Square – number 17

  1. are you the spider whisperer?
    BB: Hi Spider – me again. I need something fresh for the square challenge?
    Spider: Well I am no writer – not like Charlotte
    BB: And I a m no pig!
    Spider: I know, ha.Let me see what I can muster up. Come back later – and bring your good camera – not the phone – I want you to get a bokeh effect – maybe.
    BB: Ok

    next day:
    Spider: Geometeric shapes – just for you BB – A rectangle and square. I have five other rectangles hidden in there…. and….
    BB: many thanks, spider. and what is that messy – choppy area?
    Spider: that was when my lunch arrived.
    BB: Oh, I see – glad you had lunch.
    Spider: actually it is thanks to you, friend, that I eat so well. Your respect for habitat menas bugs galore.
    BB: I am honored to help.
    Spider: and because you allow me such well-rounded meals – well I could make some square stuff for you. So take your photo and go, please.
    BB: Okay – and thanks again…


    and that is how the photo came about

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    1. Thanks for your comment Jude πŸ™‚ The spider was on a thread going to the ground. I would estimate that it is about 5mm in size! The dark spot in the centre of the web is where it sits. I am sure Yvette would laugh at being thought of as spam πŸ˜€

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