March Squares – number 10

This is more than one photo for #MarchSquare. I call this post The Road Sign Series. Some of these may be new to the overseas readers, some may be familiar. Have you seen any of these before.
There are squares within squares within squares

This is where some road signs like to travel about the countryside
truck of signs

I wonder how long that skinny bloke will have to hold that sign
road signs_turning

Watch out for a ladder on the other road
road signs_traintrack

When was the last time you saw a truck like that….especially a 200 meter truck
road signs_truck

Somewhere on this road is a cow. Can you guess the breed?
road signs_cow

Either it is a small bus or those kids have had a growth spurt
road signs_bus stop

Do not drink and drive
road signs_car swerve

Ahead is possibly a man with bow legs
road signs_narrow

I just wanted to drive not partake in a treasure hunt
road signs_looktrain

If you see this Kangaroo, perhaps you have been drinking. (See above sign)
road signs_kangaroo

I was driving along, didn’t notice the time warp, and ended up in 1927
road signs_train

Please be on the lookout for Koalas on bicycles
road signs_koala

I know my haircut is terrible but do you like my new glasses
road signs_train crossing

I guess I’d better stop now with a circle in a square
road signs_stop woman

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