Cee’s word prompt: Wildlifeย for this weeks Fun Foto Challenge

I thought I would post a bit of Australian cute for this photo challenge

Did you have to wake me?
koala2_binna burra_name_with border_nov 2011

I am so tired
koala3_close_rear_binna burra__with border_nov 2011

Hey buddy……….look over there
koala3_close_climbing_binna burra_with border_nov 2011

I really need to sleep
koala_victoria_close_with border_march 2010

Yeah yeah……everyone loves these fluffy ears
koala1_close_looking_binna burra__with border_nov 2011

Koalas are not bears


23 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. Awwww …. Double Awwww … I love this little guy. Was these photographs taken in a wildlife park?
    Or their natural habitat? He looks like he was posing. I say he but it may be a she. Are the markings
    different for males and females? Nice entries for Cee’s challenge.
    Isadora ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    1. These were taken in my besties front yard. I am not sure if male or female. I am not a Koala sexing expert. Koalas don’t move about much. Spend around 18 hours sleeping so they look like they are posing.

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      1. LOLOL … I just wondered if the coloring or a special marking distinguised the males from the females. Lucky you to be able to see them up close at a friends yard. I know they sleep a lot. I guess they don’t have much to do except eat eucalyptus leaves. ~~~~ : – )

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      2. Yes I am lucky to have them in her yard. They are in the bush at my place and I can only hear them. Not seen one here. I found this for you.
        Adult male Koalas are larger than adult females, who have a pouch in the centre of their abdomen with the opening more towards the bottom of the pouch than the top. The external genitalia are visible on a male Koala.

        One of the easiest ways to identify the sex of a Koala is to look for the dark brown scent gland which is located in the centre of the white chests of mature, breeding males. Females and young pre-breeding males have a plain white chest. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. Isn’t the animal kingdom creative in the way they are distinguished from each other? AMAZING …!!! Thanks for the info. I enjoyed reading about them. AND … thank you for taking the time to do the research. Have a Super Grand weekend …
        Isadora ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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