The Daily Post word prompt: Sweet

What could be sweeter than an Eastern Yellow Robin sitting on a garden chair looking for an insect in the garden
180215_sweet_yellow robin

Perhaps a Red-browed Firetail Finch having a bath on a hot day
180215_sweet_red browed firetail finch

Or a Variegated Wren contemplating having a dip
180215_sweet_varigated wren

Or a Grey Fantail splashing about
180215_sweet_grey fantail

Or is it a tiny Brown Thornbill enjoying a splash around

Did you have a Sweet favourite?

30 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Wonderful bird photos. I have always been partial to robins (although, in German they are called Rotkehlchen = red throaty, which yours definitely isn’t – actually, I looked it up, it’s a GoldbauchschnΓ€pper = golden bellied snapper, literally translated, although that would make it a fish, I guess). So, in short: My favourite is the robin!

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      1. Yes, it is a beautiful site to see them in my bird bath and lake behind my home, too. The birds are beginning to return to my area. Hurricane Irma in September chased them away with the devastating high winds. Your birds are always wonderful to see. I cannot master capturing them. Too quick for my eye. Thank you for posting them. Isadora 😎

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