Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Letter Z

This week the topic is Letter Z – Needs to have the letter Z anywhere in the word or people or animals catching some Zzz’s (sleeping or napping).

Have a look at the other ZZZZ’s at Cees place

On a hot day as it has been so far this week (daytime temperatures between 35 to 39C ) it is good to get out of the heat and stretch out, catch a bit of the breeze that blows along the verandah and have a lovely sleep

It can be a bit warm when the iron roof heats up
180215_letter z_snake_most

You have to curl up a bit. The bulge on the right hand side is someone who was her lunch
180215_letter z_snake_stretched

I think I may have woken her up
180215_letter z_snake close


PS Carpet snakes are pythons who squeeze their prey and swallow whole. They are not venomous but can bite if they absolutely have to. I have been bitten a couple of times mainly removing the snakes from the chook house where they like to get an easy meal at night. They have back fangs which means their fangs face backward which they use to drag their meal down to their stomach. They can be handled but they do tend to squeeze as they hang on, like having your blood pressure taken.

20 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Letter Z

  1. The joys of blogging! Up here in Canada it is minus 39C! The biggest snakes that we have are garter’s and they are about as thick as my finger and as long as my arm. And I am still intimidated by them. 😊 I guess you get used to the types of wildlife that surround you? Great photos! This post made my mouth drop 😊

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  2. arggh you should have warned me . . . . . she might be a very useful and friendly snake but you know what I am like with them, and these are such great shots it feels like I am standing right under her!

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      1. I used to teach science to children and in CA (many moons ago) I held the center’s snake – I was prepping to maybe be able to do shows with that and the owl – I never ended up doing the shows – did not need to and then we moved – but it was a huge personal goal to hold that Boa and just master the fear (think that is what it was) – I also held the tarantula and that was even tougher – but such a sense of satisfaction to do that

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