Cee’s word prompt: Wildlife for this weeks Fun Foto Challenge

I thought I would post a bit of Australian cute for this photo challenge

Did you have to wake me?
koala2_binna burra_name_with border_nov 2011

I am so tired
koala3_close_rear_binna burra__with border_nov 2011

Hey buddy……….look over there
koala3_close_climbing_binna burra_with border_nov 2011

I really need to sleep
koala_victoria_close_with border_march 2010

Yeah yeah……everyone loves these fluffy ears
koala1_close_looking_binna burra__with border_nov 2011

Koalas are not bears


The changing hills

The word prompt from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Hills

This is on the road on my way home. This vantage point overlooks the valley where my property is, with the Great Dividing Range in the background. My place isn’t in the photos. It is further to the right.

Here is the many changes I have taken over the past few years coming home in the afternoon.

A relatively sunny day

The mist in the valley

Storm clouds brewing
180228_hills_storm clouds

A hazy yellow sunset

A bright yellow sunset

Sunset with a bit of heat

A red hot sunset
180228_hills_red hot sunset

Black and White Sunday – The Cathedral

For this Traces of the Past, I recently spent a bit of time on a rainy day in the Cathedral Church of Christ the King in my town of Grafton NSW Australia. The Cathedral was finished in 1884. Originally there was a small wooden church on the site built in 1842. The Cathedral is in a great green space in the heart town with the bell tower ringing out the time, a tradition I love.

180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_bell

The hand carved foundations made of sandstone
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_outsdie
This side of the Cathedral has lots of lichen
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_sidevic

The northern face. You can see the two halves of the church in the roof line where the second part was added
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_side duke2

Looking toward the front door and the white roses in the garden.
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_side duke

Looking towards the old bell tower
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_side close
Looking along the aisle to the back of the Cathedral
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_aisle to back

The pews have been replaced by comfortable chairs with cushions
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_chairs rows

Some of the old pews have been retained
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_pew

The old wooden seats in the front of the cathedral have been kept as well but with cushions added for the comfort of the cathedral officials.
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_chairs

There are many parts of the Cathedral that have been kept in good order
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_pulpit

The font in front of the dedication to the Indigenous history of the Clarence Valley.
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_font
The ceiling is wonderful highlighting the history of the Valleys timber history
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_ceiling
One of the brick arches that support the structure
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_arch

The back of the Cathedral where you can see the shapes of the stained glass windows
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_rear

Looking inside. Aren’t the lights lovely
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_stained glass windows

A bit of selective colour

I couldn’t not show you the colour version
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_stained glass windows_colour
And of course I also had to include a bit of the nature who live around the Cathedral. You will always see a Skink or two on the walls.
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_skink

Hope you enjoyed a look around the Cathedral in my town.


The Caterpillar Train

A while ago Lisa at DailyMusings (I think) had some hairy caterpillars, their real name is Ochrogaster lunifer or Processional Caterpillar, in one of her posts. Thanks to Becky at It caught my eye in Portugal for letting me know it was her post. Here is it here  I commented how my girls liked to make the caterpillar train go into a circle. Well, yesterday, driving home, on the road outside of my place, a caterpillar train was crossing the road. I had to stop to make sure they got across the road safely, albeit with a slight detour.

The caterpillar train stretched around three meters across the road
the caterpillar train010_named_home_feb 2018

The leader seemed to know where to go.
the caterpillar train012_named_home_feb 2018

They march nose to tail. Wouldn’t the one in front tickle your nose?
the caterpillar train011_named_home_feb 2018

“Somehow” the leader “wanted” to join in the train somewhere
the caterpillar train09_named_home_feb 2018

You aren’t allowed to push in the train.
the caterpillar train08_named_home_feb 2018

Once you are out, it is hard to get back in.
the caterpillar train07_named_home_feb 2018

Soon the train was in a bit of a circle with knots of caterpillars forming
the caterpillar train06_named_home_feb 2018

They do try to find some semblance of order
the caterpillar train05_named_home_feb 2018

Soon the circle became broken with a knot of caterpillars at the front
the caterpillar train04_named_home_feb 2018

I am sure they were trying to elect a new leader
the caterpillar train03_named_home_feb 2018

They are really hairy aren’t they?
the caterpillar train02_named_home_feb 2018

Election over, the leader decided to get the caterpillar train back on track to find a Fringe Wattle, their favourite food on my place.
the caterpillar train01_named_home_feb 2018

NOTE: Do not touch these caterpillars as they can cause a skin rash that can last a while.

NOTE: No caterpillars were harmed in this photo shoot

The old house

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Structure

This is what remains of the first house I built on my property. It was built as a temporary structure until I was able to build a proper house.
The structure is poles (from trees cut down on the property) in the ground with fence palings as the outside walls and a corrugated iron roof.

The only part left standing is the laundry and bathroom. This is the only part of the old house that has a concrete floor and is now home to Old Smoky, the farm ute.

The windows were second hand as was the roof

I dismantled most of the structure to use in the new house. Some bits had to stay as they held up the roof

It was raining when I decided to take the photos. Maybe one day I might do another post about the old house.



The word prompt from Lost in Translation: Pairs

A pairs of Red-browed Firetail Finches

A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets
180222_pair_rainbow lorikeets

A pair of Superb Fairy Wrens

A pair of Pacific Black Ducks
pacific black duck_flying_small_named_lawrence_sept 2014

I’m out of here too. Hope you liked my pairs

jupiter najnajnoviji