The Tuesday Photo Challenge from Frank is Decay

TThe old tin drum has seen better days


The box of crayons are a bit decayed by the sun


A once colourful Geranium


The Paw Paw leaf is almost ready to drop to the ground


Mrs Flora once stood tall & colourful in the garden





11 thoughts on “Decay

  1. so can you tel us the story of Mrs Flora? was it a fun artpiece at first?
    and how did the crayons get melted?? love the colors in that one – so vivid – or maybe it was with the muted tones of the other pics here that made it feel more vibrant –
    but nice take on decay BB

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    1. Mrs Flora was the scarecrow in the garden. She has had many makeovers. Also a fun art piece. I think she is in a blog years ago. When I am back on my computer I’ll send a link if I remember. The crayons are in the Lady Shed Studio. A series of hot days last Summer took there toll on the crayons. Thanks for your comment Yvette 😀


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