The Quest

As you know, I love taking photos of nature. I love the colours of butterflies and it is a great pleasure to have so many different species of butterfly in our gardens.

One butterfly became a quest to get a photo – the Blue Triangle. Blue Triangles are seldom still and have such a fast and erratic flight, it is so hard to get a photo of them in flight. They zip around the garden and suddenly they will fly to the top of the trees, up and over and gone in an instant.

One thing they do is come down to puddles on the road near my besties to have a drink. They seem to have a 6th sense and in the blink of an eye they are off when I get close. Similar to birds they know when I am almost focused with my camera and then gone.

The other day, walking about, camera in hand, spotting a bird here a dragonfly there, getting a photo or two of a Common Crow butterfly, when suddenly I am zoomed by a Blue Triangle. Now’s my chance, I thought. I followed it around the corner of the shed and saw the butterfly disappear into the shrub.

I know the Blue Triangle landed in here somewhere. Can you spot the butterfly?
blue triangle butterfly_where_named_binna burra_jan 2018

Ah…..there. I can see the butterfly. How long will it sit still for?
blue triangle butterfly_tree_named_binna burra_jan 2018
When they fly all you see is a dark colour and the flash of blue. Look, it has blue legs too.
blue triangle butterfly_side_named_binna burra_jan 2018

The colour cahnges a bit as the wings begin to open. Perhaps it is time to take off.
blue triangle butterfly_wings opening_named_binna burra_jan 2018

You can see a bit better why they are called Blue Triangles
blue triangle butterfly_wings open_named_binna burra_jan 2018
A truly stunning butterflyblue triangle butterfly_close_named_binna burra_jan 2018

My quest is over….until the next time I spot a Blue Triangle

22 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Congratulations! These shots are just brilliant, and it is such a beautiful one.

    I know what it is like to chase butterflies . . . . . trick I guess is to find a favourite spot of theirs and then sit and wait with a remote camera.

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    1. Thank you Becky. I love the “chase” I am too hyperactive to sit & wait. I have a wildlife camera that I should do a blog on. I have videos on my YouTube channel πŸ˜€


  2. I could not see the blue triangle in the photo –
    and I liked this post and felt like on the walk with you.
    and the second to last photo is my fav…
    that v shaped and just the whole vibe.
    and did you know that I have avery special story of a blue butterfly that showed up at the lakehouse we used to spend time at for years?
    gosh- now I am wondering if it was a blue triangle – I will try and find the photo and maybe we can compare and see. or maybe you know what it is…
    I even made a video of the butterfly – and it is a long story – but it related to this older lady I had known at the time and well- the butterfly was old and tattered and it was like foreshadowing to see it…. kind of a longer (not not too long) story

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    1. I wonder if Blue Triangles are everywhere too. You haven’t posted the video anywhere? Butterflies look so sad when they are tatted. I looked up how long butterflies live & some live longer especially the larger ones. I think that story should be told Yvette

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      1. Hi – well thanks my friend – and even if I do not share the story everywhere – it served its purpose for that time. If that makes sense.
        You see – I was working on a project with this older lady (she was a poet and this is back in 2009- and 2010) – and the project dissipated -(in hindsight I see where it went wrong – but is what it is) but during the process – I had that experience with the blue butterfly visit – and it really inspired her family the way it unfolded back then.
        I will see if I can find the video – I did share it with them in 2010 – but not sure if you know this about me – but I was way more of a private person – still am – and my blog unfolded kind of on accident – I am so glad it did and I love sharing and opening up…. but another part of me would have been content just sharing via emails and long pdfs – lol – which was MO before blogging….

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