Silence of now

The Daily Post word prompt: Silence

180118_silence_cattle yards

The Cattle Yards

The once bustling sounds
of men mustering.
Cattle mooing
as they are moved about.
Dogs bark
running about the legs
of cattle
going this way and that.
But now
the cattle yards lay silent
Grasses stand tall
about the wood.
Lichen grow on
the rails
Hinges start to rust
Wood starts to rot
Where once
was activity
Now silence abounds



The Daily Post word prompt: Silence

180118_silence_old dray


Lost in time.
Now silence
Around the dray.
The clanking, clinking
of chains.
The creak
of wood.
The squeak
of leather.
The steady clip, clop
of hooves.
The chatter
of people.
of years gone by
Are heard no more.
Now silence
Around the dray
Long forgotten.


rock wall_named_tweed heads_jan 2018.jpg

He sits.


His back against
the still warm
of the outside wall.

He has been
here before,
knowing that
the stones of
the wall
can cool.

The thoughts
and memories
of his love

he cries
I am alive!
He feels the
warmth of the stones.

Do they beat
in time with
the heart within?

They are smooth,
these stones.
His hands,
his body,
his soul
have touched them
gradually wearing
the stones of
the wall smooth.

The warmth
of his love
has washed
over the wall.
He has been

But now he sits.


Waiting. . . .


I wrote this almost ten years ago. I happened upon the rock wall recently and it made me think of this poem.