7 thoughts on “Study

  1. well as you can tell – I am catching up over here at Bushboy World.
    This post is a bit special because it might be a reference later – years from now when many books are gone. who knows.
    but as time moves forward – and new generations come with their digital immersions – they have no idea as to how people studied in the past.
    Each photo here gives a snippet and I am curious as to if this is your library?
    This post also makes me sad that I lost (tossed or misplaced in a move) an old green hardcover book from the 1950s with tips for living – some kind of wellness reference with everything from fall out shelter info to mumps – std’s – fever –
    the images were kinda funny too – and in the 90s I actually read some parts of it to learn.
    lastly- like the way the photos were lined up in the post – scrolling them is like visiitng a table – a quiet display to ponder

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    1. I guessed as much with the catch up Yvette. Thanks for taking the time to wander about my blog 🙂 I too have been having catch up when I can. The books are Kimskys. I still have my Mums household tip books, 7 volumes I think which do much the same as your book. I also have a Mrs Beetsons which was a must have book for the young marrieds in the 1950’s or perhaps well before that.
      I am glad you like my arrangements and the order of photos as I did ponder their order for a while

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      1. I have been watching a show called Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (won golden globe award) and did not think I would watch more than one episode but it is sooooo good – and it takes place in the 1958 0 and this lady (Maisel- who they get us to really like) she has marriage problems and is pursuing a career as a stand up comic – – well written and good acting –
        anyhow, one of the crazes at the time was for Dr. Spock parenting books and they did a good job showing the cult-like following the book had….
        (and yuck to many of his tips)

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      2. well the Maisel show is good and later I hope to share (on my blog) a few video snippets of some favorite scenes.
        Keep ya posted – but it is like the movie La la Land walked into a drama-comedy sitcom – and then they got costume and period ideas from Madmen and other shows I know nothing about….

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