13 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Still Life

  1. I like Kimsky’s setups and your lens captures – nice pairing up, BB

    and the only thing that I did not like was the scissors in the first one.
    but cannot say I did not like – cos that is not really it – it was more that I kept going back to them – they felt out of place – or was it that they were left open? was it there sharp, pointy feel while the other objects (to me) felt softer and quieter? and even a bit of steel is lit up on the scissors and that added something – and in the arrangement I felt my eye going around at least 4 times – which is the mark of a great arrangement – not a bounce and leave type of thing (which is why we have rule of thirds in paintings, right) anyhow, on the second and third go around the E came to life and by the end – the driftwood felt beautiful. That was fun!
    The second set up was less experiential and at first I liked it more. But only at first – as noted with the soaking up of the first.
    and what I instantly loved with #2 was how the hands/arms in the vase lead the eye to the window – up and out – like a line zig zag thru over up and through.
    the little pointer and the open arms figure lead right there.
    and then just now – looking again – I see the verticals from the trees in the vase with the wildlife in the jar and a bit outside.

    truly a great tag team here with so much artisticness (is that a word)

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    1. Thank you Yvette. I am going to use artisticness as it is a fabulous word. I am pleased you have taken the time to explore our arrangements and have provided such wonderful and insightful comments. I have yet to read these to Kimsky as she is a bit knacked after another day at the hospital getting her hand sorted. It is good now thankfully. She will be pleased at your thinking about the scissors as we did a short chat about their placing etc. I guess we needed the hard edge as we are hard edged as well ๐Ÿ˜€

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