Highs and Lows

I don’t often Reblog posts. This is something that really does concern me. I have enjoyed the life in Venice three times over the past years. I have met people and found Venice to be somewhat close to my heart. Debbie has a wonderful series of photos and also talks from the heart.

Travel with Intent

The flooding city of Venice has plenty of water, or so you would think.

untitledDSC0947820171127-1 View from Santa Maria della Salute,  Venice,  November 2017

Parts of the city are flooded each year, including St Mark’s Square, but whilst they are sitting under water, about 90% of the land remains above.


However, the Alta Aqua (high water) now happens more frequently and more dramatically.  Possibly more worryingly, the city also suffers from a lack of water.  The low tides that now occur cause the wooden foundations of buildings to be exposed to the air, resulting in rotting.


Much of this is caused by changed management of the lagoon and waterways.  Reclaiming of land, an increase in motorised transport (including massive cruise ships), and digging of trenches to make the lagoon deep enough to take large ships, have resulted in faster incoming tides and greater wash.


Global warming is taking its toll too…

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