Something happened in 2017

In February this year, someone, OK it was Yvette at , who happened upon my blog and started me being involved in photo challenges for all of this year. Some I didn’t participate in as the number of photo challenges is overwhelming. There are some that I did because the feedback and comments were inspiring and encouraged me to get my photos out there.

I was able to delve into my folders to find things that I hoped people would like, I took photos to match the word prompts and generally rediscovered what I could do.

I found a process called Selective Colour which made the black and white photo challenges interesting. I found black and white!!!

This blog is a thank you to the wonderful people I have connected with in 2017.

This is the first photo challenge I participated in was    As I said “The inspiration came from Yvette at” and Yvette has continued to be an inspiration and good friend.
Yes I became addicted to Paulas Photo Challenges and in turn Paula has become a close friend who challenged me to produce better photos.

Cee at challenged my mind with the Odd Balls, black and white challenges, Which Way and a host of others. Cees encouragement and positive energy became a tonic when needed.

With the black and white challenges I drew inspiration from a number of people. Robert from Germany  showed me that black can be used so wonderfully as did who gave me inspiration for black and white.

Photo challenges from Frank at gave me room to think and find photos that were commented upon around the world.

Of course there is Dahlia who said I should do more blogs and is a strength in encouragement.

Recently Becky at gave me the square format with flowers and the super #SquareSky photo challenges.

I also discovered Jo who has taken me around the world and has given such lovely comments on my work.

I found Josephine whose digital art inspires. The Cloud Tellers is amazing

Jane, my little Aussie mate who adventures around writing of Australia, it’s animals birds and insect and plants

A recent connection is the beautiful Lisa whose encouragement and critique of my photos drives me to be better.

The Rebels from Canada always have lovely words and comments.

I look at Nancy Merrills photo challenges  and try to get something in there when I can.

It is impossible to name everyone who has been so lovely in their comments, following my blog and encouraging me, inspiring me and generally being wonderful people who have turned into distant friends from all over the world. My love and encouragement back to you.

I am just a bloke from the bush in Australia who likes taking photos of my world and sharing with you.

That first photo challenge from the wonderful Paula had 10 views 3 likes and 5 comments the last one I contributed to at Lost in Translation has 41 views, 29 likes and 17 comments so far.

I hope 2018 is just as rewarding for you.

170823_blog challenge_small subjects_scarlet honeyeater 03


34 thoughts on “Something happened in 2017

  1. oh what a lovely thing to do Brian, this is fabulous 🙂

    The blogging community is such a lovely place isn’t it . . . making friends all around the world, and what is great is sometimes we get to meet up with them in person. So so glad that I met you in the final quarter of this year, and maybe in 2018 we can meet up in person. Happy Christmas Brian to you and all your family.

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  2. Thanks for including us, bushboy! I love the community feel of WordPress because we get to connect with like-minded people who help and challenge us. So glad we have met up with you! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! 🙂

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  3. Brian, what a lovely write up of your adventures of blogging. I’m glad to be listed among the challenges you enjoy and even honored to have met you an gotten to know you. It’s been a fun year and I expect next year will be even more fun. Oh starting the first of the year, my Which Way (Wednesday) and Odd Ball (Sunday) challenges will start up again.

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    1. Thank you Cee. Your comment bought a tear to my eye. It has been fun getting to know you too. I LOVE Odd Balls so that has brightened my day. Hope you and Chris have a fantastic Christmas ❤

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  4. Ooh, thank you so much! I was reading down and there I was! 🙂 🙂 Too, too many challenges, Brian. I gave up long since, but some are so tempting. And you’re right- you meet such great people. Thanks for your company and I wish you many happy hours in this blogging world of ours.

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    1. Love and happiness to you and yours Jo. I am still going to take a walk on my place for you. The rain has freshened the place up so now to wait for a day that is less than 38C 🙂

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  5. I’m so glad you took on the photo challenges and that I found your site. As a new blogger, I haven’t had the courage to to try the photo challenges just yet. Maybe next year. I so look forward to seeing what you post. I love plants, birds and critters, and they are the main inspiration for my art. I do feel we can’t look after our world, if we are somehow disconnected to it, and your photos bring us closer together. Lovely photo of the scarlet honeyeater. We don’t often get them around our parts, but apparently there were some seen this year at our botanic gardens.

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    1. Thank you. Do have a go at some of the photo challenges but be careful they can be addictive lol I live for the biodiversity that surrounds me. You can use your art to inspire 😀

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  6. Thank YOU very much, Brian, for the mention and for the lovely connection we have made through blogging. Your photo blog has been an inspiration to me since I started blogging. I don’t get much of a chance to check out blogs these days but when I get a chance to check out yours again it is always a delight. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a new year full of special memories. 🙂

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  7. Thank you thank you Brian- I am just catching up bit by bit and saw you mentioned me in this post. I am glad you feel encouraged by my comments on your photos- makes me feel good! Always love seeing your work- so glad we found each other on the blogs! All good to you in the coming year

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    1. You have given me something that I have lacked. A bit of recognition for my photos and now from all over the world. I love taking photos and to find that other like them as well has driven me to be better. You started something wonderful in my life Yvette. All from that beautiful Rooster. Thank you and much love xxx

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      1. oh and that Rooster image was related to pet Cody (RIP) and so to share that connection only adds to the bond here. ha
        anyhow, I am back to comment. Loved this post so much. I was and am smiling to read what you wrote.
        and you know, your presence in the blogosphere has been a gift to so many. First – folks like when people join in on their challenges – second – you bring such rich photos to those challenges and that enriches it – you also have such a nice witty sense of humor that is refreshing. and I guess we had a chemistry from the start (and your partner is an artist so that just makes sense – ha) and now that you are writing more and more – well I look forward to staying connected in 2018. (hard to believe I just wrote that year – is it really 2018?)

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