Something happened in 2017

In February this year, someone, OK it was Yvette at , who happened upon my blog and started me being involved in photo challenges for all of this year. Some I didn’t participate in as the number of photo challenges is overwhelming. There are some that I did because the feedback and comments were inspiring and encouraged me to get my photos out there.

I was able to delve into my folders to find things that I hoped people would like, I took photos to match the word prompts and generally rediscovered what I could do.

I found a process called Selective Colour which made the black and white photo challenges interesting. I found black and white!!!

This blog is a thank you to the wonderful people I have connected with in 2017.

This is the first photo challenge I participated in was    As I said “The inspiration came from Yvette at” and Yvette has continued to be an inspiration and good friend.
Yes I became addicted to Paulas Photo Challenges and in turn Paula has become a close friend who challenged me to produce better photos.

Cee at challenged my mind with the Odd Balls, black and white challenges, Which Way and a host of others. Cees encouragement and positive energy became a tonic when needed.

With the black and white challenges I drew inspiration from a number of people. Robert from Germany  showed me that black can be used so wonderfully as did who gave me inspiration for black and white.

Photo challenges from Frank at gave me room to think and find photos that were commented upon around the world.

Of course there is Dahlia who said I should do more blogs and is a strength in encouragement.

Recently Becky at gave me the square format with flowers and the super #SquareSky photo challenges.

I also discovered Jo who has taken me around the world and has given such lovely comments on my work.

I found Josephine whose digital art inspires. The Cloud Tellers is amazing

Jane, my little Aussie mate who adventures around writing of Australia, it’s animals birds and insect and plants

A recent connection is the beautiful Lisa whose encouragement and critique of my photos drives me to be better.

The Rebels from Canada always have lovely words and comments.

I look at Nancy Merrills photo challenges  and try to get something in there when I can.

It is impossible to name everyone who has been so lovely in their comments, following my blog and encouraging me, inspiring me and generally being wonderful people who have turned into distant friends from all over the world. My love and encouragement back to you.

I am just a bloke from the bush in Australia who likes taking photos of my world and sharing with you.

That first photo challenge from the wonderful Paula had 10 views 3 likes and 5 comments the last one I contributed to at Lost in Translation has 41 views, 29 likes and 17 comments so far.

I hope 2018 is just as rewarding for you.

170823_blog challenge_small subjects_scarlet honeyeater 03


A rip in the sky

The Daily Post word prompt: Torn

The clouds
by the setting sun
colour across the sky.
dancing on the horizon
melting shadows.
loom dark and menacing
to take their place.
ready to
in an empty sky.

171223_blog challenge_torn_sunset


Sky #23

Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky
Here is my sky number twenty three in the daily photo challenge for December

171221_blog challenge_binna burra sunset

The sunset from a few nights ago that kept getting bumped out of the way because of the storm clouds. This is the amazing original that was taken at the same time as my Experimental sunset