Arches, Domes and Half Circles

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes and Half Circles

A varied mix of Arches, Domes and Half Circles from Toowoomba, Florence, Figueres and at my place.

The Arched light support in Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_lightpost

Half-Circle handles on the Teapots in the Ground Up Cafe Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_teapots

The Arches in the Toowoomba City Art Gallery
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_art gallery

Half Circles graffiti Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_grafitti

Arches on the White Horse Hotel Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_hotel

The Dome on the Dali Museum in Figueres
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_dali museum

The blue Domes on the Great Synagogue in Florence
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_florence

A Spangled Drongo wondering if the bird bath is a Half Circle or an upside down Dome
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_birdbath



Sky #22

Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky
Here is my sky number twenty two in the daily photo challenge for December

171222_blog challenge_before the storm

Again, this afternoon the clouds built and the storm approached. Unlike yesterday, I had some much needed rain. I hope to go to sleep with the sound of rain on my tin roof, water gurgling in the downpipes filling my water tanks and frogs happily croaking away.

Thursdays Special: Darkness and Light

This Thursdays Special photo challenge prompt: Darkness and Light

When darkness falls,
Who will light my way.
From the shadows
the Dark of Night
reaching out
ebony fingers
the Dark of Night.
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon05

Behind the shadows
being there.
the Dark of Night
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon01

Coming to Light
my way
the Dark of Night
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon03

a glow in the distance
shapes appear.
Finding a path
the Dark of Night
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon04

a Light
illuminating my world
Parting the clouds
the Dark of Night
My Moon
my wonderful Moon
being my Light in
the Dark of Night.
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon02

jupiter najnajnoviji