Paperbark flowers

The Daily Post word prompt: Transformation

The Paperbark trees are flowering. The lovely creamy white blossoms attract birds, bees and all manner of insect. I thought that they were just the perfect thing to Transform

The original photo. The Paperbark blossoms in the early morning light.
171123_blog challenge_transformation_paperbark flower01

Add a bit of green.
171123_blog challenge_transformation_paperbark flower03

Perhaps increase the brightness
171123_blog challenge_transformation_paperbark flower02

Then play around a bit to make this.
171123_blog challenge_transformation_paperbark flower04

Some people have said it reminds them of a May Gibbs drawing. Australians will know Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Have as look here to see a bit of my Australian childhood

8 thoughts on “Paperbark flowers

  1. I was intrigued when I saw the title of your post — here in the north we also have a paperbark tree – it’s a maple species, Acer griseum – with beautiful exfoliating, cinnamon colour bark. I really like the flowers of your Melaleuca. Do they attract a lot of pollinators?

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    1. They most certainly do. Many Rainbow Lorikeets, King Parrots, Scarlet Honeyeater Little and Noisy Friarbirds are regular birds. Lots of native as well as honey bees, beetles, wasps etc. I am sure there would be moths at night.

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