Things Found in the Kitchen

That’s the photo challenge from Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found in the Kitchen.

This is a snapshot of a bit of my Things plus some from Margaret Olley’s Kitchen in the Murwillumbah Art Gallery.ย  Have a peek inside of her house which has been rebuilt inside the Art Gallery from a previous blog

This is the cupboard that houses Margaret Olleys crockery. I love Willow Pattern crockery.
171117_blog challenge_kitchen_cup cupboard

Just the cups
171117_blog challenge_kitchen_hanging cups

My flour tins. I am not sure how many “elfs” I have raised but it appears that Jesus may be watching from behind the flour tins.
171117_blog challenge_kitchen_flour tins

MY herbs and spices
171117_blog challenge_kitchen_spices

My favourite cup and saucer photo from the hotel in Seoul
171117_blog challenge_kitchen_cups korea


21 thoughts on “Things Found in the Kitchen

      1. I know, I have my pasta and flour in bigger ones too! I was asked what I wanted for Christmas by my sister one year and I said as many of them she wanted to get me was fine. Then I bought more, ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Such a long time since I have seen the willow pattern china. So many meals, so many times I set the table. And eek…the careful washing and the accidental chips and smacking. But still the willow grew, to this day, I hate the color blue in china. But I love your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. yes – but personally would not want them for my dishes – I like thin bone china that is plain Jane – or we have an artsy green set – with swirls in the paint – but no pattern ….

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      2. My kitchen plates are quite old now but I can’t find the right ones. Plain with perhaps a coloured line around the edge. Also a decent size is also hard to find. Bone china is nice though…….

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      3. well glad that brought a laugh – because well, um, size – well “it sho don’t matter in all areas” lol
        and yeah now that you mention it – are you sure you don’t use wood – or silver – maybe pewter

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