Tuesday Photo Challenge: Bird

What a photo challenge from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo. Bird. I am going to be good and stick to the topic of Bird. Yes just one bird photo. This is the last bird I photographed. I decided to do this so I didn’t wade through thousands of photos of birds.

This is a Green Catbird
171017_blog challenge_bird_green catbird

Have a listen to why they are called Catbirds here

Enjoy all the other birds from around the world at Dutch goes the Photo

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge: Bird

      1. Well that would explain it…not very many rainforests down this way!!!
        I do enjoy the Whipbird when I do go rainforesting but shall now keep my eye (and ear) out for the Catbird…

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  1. A very pretty bird!
    The voice……well…..πŸ˜‚ it reminds me of a fake telephone call of 2 Austrian comedians about a big bird on the balcony…..one just made weird sounds in the background (the other one pretended it’s the bird). I didn’t think such a bird exists. The catbird sounds made me grin. Thanks! (Still grinning)

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  2. I have never heard one before. I not only enjoy your photos Brian but you educate me almost every post. A bird that sounds like a cat…you can’t make that shit up.

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  3. Clinked the link info and triple zit after meow call – bow unique and that color of green is so alive – wonderful photo (and pat of the back dear B.B. for making the call of a single photo – ha)

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