Thursdays Special: Pick a Word

It’s a pity this photo challenge only happens once a month as it’s my favourite. This month Lost in Translation has supplied some words and here are my pictures.





170712_blog challenge_flower of the day_rose

Have a look at what other photographers have supplied to the words at Lost in Translation

jupiter najnajnoviji

8 thoughts on “Thursdays Special: Pick a Word

  1. :))) This post has made me smile at each word-image offering. Your immaculate is so perfect, your spanning at the best place ever, and your crumbling is possibly the best shot here. Thank you, Brian. It is lovely!


  2. I also really love this challenge too – but I do think it would lose some essence if it was every week (but that is just me…. and so I like the monthly)
    i am moving back in your recent posts and so after coming from the “scale” post – by jaw dropped to see the spider whiskers here. whoa.
    and love the spanning shot for the interest and the moment in time you captured with the arch, brick, building, window, sign, people – such a unique photo

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    1. I agree with keeping Pick-a-word unique by being monthly. I love that hairy spider who is small also, about the size of a thumbnail. I saw other huge spanning bridge photos and thought why not go small and go to Venice. Thanks for the lovely comment on my little bridge 😀

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