The word prompt from The Daily Post is Scale. The theme is the big and the small and how to fit the two together to have an idea of scale. As usual I have a bit of scale in nature for you to enjoy – unless you don’t like spiders then you may be surprised at how wonderful they can be. Don’t be scared have a peek into their world

This spider started to run away from the camera
171012_blog challenge_scale_spider04

If you look hard enough you can see a spider eating its lunch
171012_blog challenge_scale_spider02

A Crab Spider lives inside a Rose
171012_blog challenge_scale_spider03

An ornate Ginger flower has a Crab Spider making its home
171012_blog challenge_scale_spider01

Deep inside a Hippeastrum a Crab Spider waits for an unsuspecting bee to get close
the hippeastrum_the bee_the spider_named_home02_oct 2015
Still waiting
the hippeastrum_the bee_the spider_named_home05_oct 2015

25 thoughts on “Scale

  1. the camera shy spider is my fav here- the details are so clear….
    but the mood of the “Crab Spider lives inside a Rose” is pensive, fresh, warm….
    and side note – I killed a giant spider the other day – it was in the dining room and I felt so sad afterwards – grieved actually – but it all happened so fast ,
    I am good at letting crickets back outside (the rare times one strays in) but need to do this with our spider friends…

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    1. Oh yes. Set spiders free if they are bity, if not I would let them live inside. Great insect control, except when they walk on your face when you are asleep. Yes this happened to me with a Huntsman.
      I think I may have disturbed the little bloke in the rose. Thanks for you great comments Yvette

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      1. well thanks for what you wrote – I feel so guilty for killing spiders – ugh – but I have to admit – I have kind of done it a few times this year and it happens to fast – but I am becoming a little more aware – ha
        and you sacred the “bloke” = I love that word – I first heard it on jill’s blog a while back (from jill’sscene) –

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