41 thoughts on “Things of Sand: A Photo Challenge

    1. Thank you RG…..oh well….ok. All the ones with the sand balls are all done by the crabs, there is a photo of a Sand Crab. One is a leaf on the sand, one is a jelly fish with a bit of seaweed, the stick figure is a bit of fun at the beach I made and the concentric circles are from a Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in Sydney a few years ago. Phew…..

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        1. I can quite remember, but I have seen some photos. They planned ahead what to do and have all the tools ready. It was a time limited competition. After everybody is done. The castle are on display. I think they are close to the top!

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    1. Yes rocky beaches aren’t the thing for a sand challenge. I had to put the sand sculpture photo I did for one of your challenges, one of my first challenge 🙂


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