Black and White Sunday: After and Before

I love seeing the results of other peoples after and befores on Lost in Translation. This photo challenge allows a bit of creativity as well. This time I have chosen a photo that I was thinking of taking in black and white at the time but didn’t for some reason. Now is my chance to see it as I saw it in a church in Dijon.

170926_blog challenge_chairs_bandw170926_blog challenge_chairs

Which photo do you prefer?


24 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday: After and Before

  1. This post is an example of how drastically different a colored photo can look – because they seemed to be two different photos when I first looked – nice choice for the B&W sunday…

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  2. Interestingly the two photos evoked different emotions and images. Although I cannot quite say which one I liked better the BW one was like an impersonal photo of an indeterminate past. But the colored photo told a story of a school, perhaps an auditorium waiting for children to come and sit jabber squirm anything to brush away the loneliness, the silence…err umm the Sun is rather bright today 😉 😀

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  3. It’s not easy for me to decide which of the 2 versions I prefer. The colour photo it not very “colourful”, it reminds me of a sulphur-tinted B&W #photography.
    Interestingly (for myself), I prefer the first two rows of chairs in colour, and the more distant chairs in B&W (which gives them an even more “graphic” look).
    However, both pictures are good!

    It’s also interesting to read in the comments how differently people see photos.

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  4. They don’t look very comfy but make for a great image, especially in monochrome. Thanks, Brian, I am so glad to hear you enjoy this challenge. In two days I am doing the colour one.

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    1. Thanks. The B&W did take me by surprise. I don’t think church chairs were meant for comfort lol. I was thinking about you tonight and here you are. Must be the cosmos. Hope you are feeling OK Paula


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