Frank has set the photo challenge of Stones. I know I have posted these before but they are stones that represent a part of the history of Australia. Many years ago, the Indigenous people of the land, that I now call my place, used to trek through this land. They may have been following the seasons. Walking from the Mann River to the Clarence River to perhaps trade with the other peoples from the other parts of the Clarence Valley. Someone took the time to fashion a hand axe from the stones that I still find here. This stone axe fits perfectly in my hand and I would be able to use it today. The edge is very sharp.
170519_traces of the past_stone axe

This stone is the one that would have been used to chip off the edge of the axe. Again a tool that fits very comfortably in my hand.
170519_traces of the past_stone tool

Here is both together where you can see the edge of the axe
170519_traces of the past_stone axe_tool2

Thanks for reading my Stones. The Indigenous culture is thousands of years old. I have no idea how old these tools are. European settlement in my area has been over 100 years. I am privileged to hold these tools knowing I have the past history living in my home. Thank you Frank for allowing me to tell the story.

15 thoughts on “Stones

      1. what? you cheeky bugger! lol Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 5 = “My cherry lips have often kissed thy stones”,. AND THAT IS WOMEN’S BUSINESS.

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  1. Hurricane IRMA lets us know that times they are a changing… tool making inventive humans will need to rediscover so much of the interrelationship with nature known by first cultures. As nature changes and the land changes we too will have to change. I hope the knowledge of and reverence for nature as mediated by cultural stories will re-emerge. I believe a new function will be women saying e.g. about eating the apple is not only for gods, we can do it too, come on come on (wheedle wheedle, flirt, cutie pie) let me hold it ( the stone axe) let me show you how i can do it too… and this time lets hope the male doesnt over react and create centuries of misery. ( this refers to the excessive punishment of the children of Eden which causes the destruction of the garden. There is no separation – chuck us out of the garden and our misery will overwhelm it eventually – that’s where we are now) . Well that’s my joy , to take the ole stories of my culture and evolve them thru linking them into the past and into an openness to a new future… i hope i am not too obscure. I am pretty sure if i play it right you will let me hold the axe and if not i will go find my own…
    i enjoy riffing on the stimulus provided. ( woman as eve man as god, that story evolves into now when men and women rediscover equality of respect for each other) . IRMA being nature , gaia, now doing the wooping of human kind’s backside. hmm i hadnt thought of it quite like that before. Irma is on my mind this morning. cheers.

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    1. Goodness. A lot to take in this late at night. I am one who tries to be in tune with nature and live within what is provided. As a father of three women, I am always looking forward to when women take control from the men in suits who have done nothing for the betterment of personkind. The rape and pillage of what the Earth provides, decimating the resources for financial gain and leaving nothing for our future is the undoing of what is called progress. The axe may be held at some stage but be careful, it is sharp.


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