Square in September #3

I promised Lisa from A Day In The Life  that I would post a White Hydrangea for Beckys A Life of a 40 Something  Square in September flower challenge.

Sorry Becky, I have cheated a little as I haven’t posted one photo.

The White Hydrangea flower ball. A very early bloom from a young plant so it’s not as big as I hope the flowers will one day become.
170920_blog challenge_square in september_white hydrangea

Ever looked behind a Hydrangea? Almost reminds me of the Segrada Familia photos I posted a while ago.
170920_blog challenge_square in september_white hydrangea_behind

The centers of the individual flower have a beauty all of their own.
170920_blog challenge_square in september_white hydrangea_centre

19 thoughts on “Square in September #3

  1. Don’t blame you posting three . . what a wonderful set of photographs. Brilliant idea to get underneath to photograph, like the light in that one. Think though the final one is my favourite.

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      1. No. The white ones don’t change like others do according to the soil type, but mine deepen towards the end of the season. They take on a pink tinge, then a deeper pink before turning reddish-brown, but new flowers are always white to start with. Thinking about it mine have pale pink centres where yours are blue, so maybe yours will go a bluer shade as they start to die.

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