Thursdays Special: Pick a Word in September

Most times I just have one photo per word for Lost in Translations Pick a Word. This time I have a few more for the September Pick a Word and perhaps using my artistic licence for the matching photo.


The view from Raspberry Lookout. My property is a few hills over on the left.
170907_word_vantage_raspberry lookout

In order to get a good take off, you must have a good vantage point.


You can’t fence me in


Sometimes I feel like I am intruding when photographing butterflies and spiders.
Three’s a crowd when the males chase the female Orchard Butterfly.
170907_word_intruding_orchard butterflies

Two Line-blue Butterflies getting “friendly”
170907_word_intruding_line blue butterflies

Yes, the Huntsman Spiders were in the dining room but I don’t think they had eating dinner on their mind.
170907_word_intruding_huntsman spiderd


Once a butterfly gets old, the jagged wings are the first sign of age as on this Australian Gull Butterfly


The yachts moored late in the afternoon after sailing from Grafton to Ulmarra.

Quayside on the Great Canal, Venice

jupiter najnajnoviji

34 thoughts on “Thursdays Special: Pick a Word in September

  1. I am trying to figure out how to reach your property from this end 😀 ;). Venetian quayside – that’s better than Croatia. Some of your intrusive friends and forking trees made me scared. Great and fun entry, Brian!

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      1. glad I saw them on the bigger screen. wonderful – and the details in the spider creeped me out, but also appreciate their beauty.
        my fav of this post – on first mobile view and after coming back – well the second one for vantage.
        the angle of the wings and the green and the space throughout – the light and the eyes are looking right at us saying, “Sup Bushboy?”

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        1. Yes – insect free is so good. When I was up north last October I stayed in a “newly put in” basement bedroom and the homeowner apologized for the spiders – I said no worries with me… and also told her that I had just read the presence spiders is also an indication of a non-toxic (or less toxic) environment – and I cannot recall
          Where I read it – ?

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  2. An interesting selection of photos. Your view reminds me of Dorrigo. I guess it’s the same mountain range. The close of the spiders was pretty creepy!

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