Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past

I like the Traces of the Past photo challenge as I try to find subjects that may be a bit different. Follow the link to see other bits and pieces of the past that great photographers conjure up.

My Trace of the Past was found during an Angourie Dunecare revegetation and site clean up. One of the volunteers found a handbag discarded under a shrub covered in vegetation and sand. The handbag had been there for quite a number of years. Upon opening the old handbag, they discovered the contents was more or less intact despite being in the harsh conditions for almost 40 years. One of the volunteers managed to track down the owner who said the handbag was stolen from their car while they were at the beach during their honeymoon. She asked if her engagement ring was still in there. Unfortunately the ring and money which was in her purse were gone.

Have a look at the contents and see how many things you can name?

170822_blog challenge_traces of the past_handbag contents


16 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past

  1. Great story and photo! I was so glad you posted this, I had no idea there was a Traces of the Past Challenge. How exciting, thanks!

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  2. I will take a wild guess…a bra? note, hair brush, sunglasses, birth control pills, cassette tape, Vaseline, Tabu Talcum powder, 2 hair combs, asthma inhaler, key, lipstick, lighter, powdered blush with sponge, ID badge, ointment in a tube, nail file, nail clippers, key chain with keys, something with a red cross (medical?), a piece of lace?, compact mirror?, 2 small wallets, an elastic, 2 jars of something.

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  3. Hello B,
    These traces of the past look very nice in B&W, and it’ such a story-telling picture.
    Handbags……very important for many women. She really had a lot of different things in hers.
    I love to look into old handbags at flea markets and op-shops. Oldest item I found was a lottery ticket from March 1938 which made me think about the fate of its owner.
    Thank you for this interesting insight in an old handbag. 😁

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