Thursdays Special: Pick a Word

I wait every month for the Pick a Word photo challenge from Lost in Translation.






Look at the link to see what other photographers matched with the Pick a Word photo challenge

jupiter najnajnoviji

21 thoughts on “Thursdays Special: Pick a Word

  1. Hello B.,
    Thx for that pic at the end! It brings lovely memories to me. It’s Rovinj in Croatia, one of my favourite places.
    I’ve been there quite often. It has changed in the last years, not to its best in my opinion, but I still love it.
    When have you been there?
    Where is this shopping street?
    Hope it’s ok that I’m so curious.
    🙂 Evita

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      1. Thank you! 😊
        Never have been to Split so far. Certainly a nice town, too.
        As a hippopotamus fan I wonder what the “hippos” mean. 😅

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  2. A wonderful nautical shot (I’ve been to the area but not to Split). That pyramidal built up of the city, and the striking contrast of the black boat in front – really superb. I like the other shots, too. Also your take on setting (and the unusual angle you used).

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  3. Hi BB – I love this challenge from P as well… and in your entry this month – the setting is my fav of the series.
    I kept going back to it.
    just the angle and the turned over cups –
    the spoon
    and it seems like a nice bone china (or I can imagine it is)
    but it has such a mood…
    and maybe even the size of the cups feel a bit large for tea – which maybe makes it even more inviting –
    let’s have a big cuppa, darnnit – ha!

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