Black and White Sunday: Windows

I love taking photos of windows especially when I am travelling.  These two windows are in a place called Split in Croatia I took quite a few years ago but they came to mind when I saw this photo challenge.

170606_bandw challenge_windows


170606_bandw challenge_windows01


Many more windows can be seen at Lost in Translation

5 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday: Windows

  1. Wow! This is an exquisite photo. I don’t know if you know but people of Split are very proud about living there, there is a kind of rivalry between Split and Dubrovnik and other towns on the coast and with Zagreb especially. I am touched that you chose images from my country for this challenge. I will cherish them, Brian. Thank you 🙂 and you did a fantastic job with both, the second one in particular. ❤

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    1. When I was thinking of the many windows, I did think of you. The first one was the square outside of the hotel I stayed in. A lovely old world hotel. Thank you for the lovely comment Paula ❤

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  2. I like the three layers in the second photo – the old windows, the newer buildings reflected in the glass, and the bright red flowers in front. About the Split windows – I think I’d prefer the photo without the selective colouring as the form of the windows is so stark.

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