Thursday’s Special – Illusion

It is a rainy day here due to Cyclone Debbie, luckily I am on the edge and only have rain and not the destructive winds so far.

Inspired by Paula’s Thursday’s Special Challenge Illusions, I grabbed my camera, changed some settings and took the following photos, two from the verandah and the other my hallway.

The shed which used to be my daughters play house I built year ago.


The garden seat

170330_illusion_garden seat

My decorations in the hallway


I certainly had fun on a rainy day

jupiter najnajnoviji

19 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special – Illusion

      1. I think they are. It was a limited collection. They promised it would be 40 of them, but after 15 the sale was suspended at least in Croatia. They weren’t expensive either.


  1. The change of settings worked. Gives a magical result. We are on the tailend of Cyclone Debbie also. We copped it yesterday and won’t have power restored for some time to come. Tree limbs down everywhere. You look as though you have a fair number of trees – much damage where you are?

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    1. Hi Irene,
      I am fine just a lot of rain but sunshine now. No power lost. Haven’t ventured into the bush to check as it’s windy still. Around the house is fine. I am in the foothills of the Gibraltar Ranges. Where are you?

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