A bit of Italy

I was looking for a photo a while ago and saw my last holiday photos folder. I have always wanted to do something with them otherwise they just sit there and no one ever sees them. I thought I would start with some of the Italy photos. Not the usual tourist ones but just interesting stuff I photographed. I hope you find them interesting too.

I took a lot of photos from the train as it rocketed through the countryside at up to 300kph. I like this one of a Tuscan villa as it almost looks like a painting. This is unchanged, the raw photo.

countryside from train_rome_named_april 2012

I found this colonnade of wisteria in a garden in Florence, the Gardenia Boldini. The light coming through the flowers looked very surreal.

wisteria_florence_named_april 2012

I like the look of courtyards that are hidden away from the street. To get to this courtyard was a walk down a tunnel under the buildings. I am sure I have a number of “down the tunnel into a courtyard” photos.

courtyard_rome_named_april 2012

Just walking down the side streets of Verona often yields something different. This cart was just there beside that wonderful coloured wall.

cart_verona_named_april 2012

Everywhere are shutters. These shutters were on the Ponte Veicchio in Florence.

shutters_florence_named_april 2012

Yes, this was in the window of a hairdressers in Verona. No need to say more!!!

hairdressers_verona_named_april 2012

There are tons of photos of stained glass windows. I was going to do a blog of just stained glass window so here is a taste.

stained glass_rome_named_april 2012

Some sculptures were quite different to others. I have no idea about this just that it was on a marble table like that. It was in a Basilica in Rome.

statue face_rome_named_april 2012

This is my favourite stained glass photo which was in the ceiling in a church in Rome.

glass ceiling_rome_named_april 2012

Well thats a taste of Italy of things I found. I am so looking forward to going again.

10 thoughts on “A bit of Italy

  1. Wow, you’ve been to Italy! I still have to visit most of the states in Australia, let alone get overseas. :)The wisteria is gorgeous and I can imagine how beautiful all those stained glass windows would have looked with the sunlight streaming through them. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Italy with us! Great idea. 🙂


    1. I’ve been to Europe twice 🙂 I hope to go again next year….wanted to go this year but couldn’t. I have a thing about stained glass and doors….plus photographing everything lol.
      Glad you enjoyed a bit of Italy….maybe Spain next. x

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      1. Oh Spain!! I only found out recently that I have a strong Spanish heritage. I had no idea and it’s not like I look Spanish. Apparently my very, very distant grandfather was a conquistador (perhaps not such a nice fellow!) employed by the King of Spain and there is a statue of him somewhere in Spain so if you do go there perhaps you may see it. 🙂


        1. And send you a photo 🙂 I will go back to Spain and France, try to get to Croatia as I loved it there last time…so many places.
          When younger and in Sydney I used to get are you Italian, Spanish, Lebanese, Greek as I had black hair and olive skin. Once I was even asked if I was Chinese lol They used to speak to me in their language at first until my puzzled look.

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        2. Ah, my father experienced the same thing. He had olive skin, dark brown eyes and black hair! I have inherited the German blue eyes, fair skin and lighter hair from my mother’s side. 🙂


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