Have you seen inside Margaret Olley’s house?

On the North Coast we are very lucky to have a number of excellent Art Galleries, the Grafton Regional Gallery has hosted many fine travelling exhibitions as well as holding some fine works of art. The Tweed Art Gallery is very privileged to have Margaret Olley’s “house” within the Gallery. “The recreation features original architectural elements such as windows and doors, relocated from Olley’s home studio at 48 Duxford Street, Paddington, Sydney. The interiors are filled with over 20,000 items Olley collected over many years as subject matter for her paintings.” – (http://artgallery.tweed.nsw.gov.au/MargaretOlleyArtCentre)

A view from the Gallery










I often go to the gallery with my bestie to see the current exhibits and always have a wander around the Margaret Olley Art Centre where I see something new every time. Last visit I decided to take some photos and would like to share them with you.


You look through windows and doors –  a voyeuristic glance into someones life.



The rooms are filled, as the galleries blurb says, with thousands of interesting objects


You can look into the kitchen from many angles and see how it was left after her passing.


I do like the dresser with the blue and white china.


The kitchen sink is rather cluttered


The green glassware is great with the light just right


Other rooms have her artists bits and pieces as well as overflowing ashtrays.


The dresser, like most of the house has flowers


Some of the cups are just how she lived with some containing the sticky residue.


There are some amazing pieces adorning the walls.


As well as the floor


On cupboards and dressers












Some of her stuff is a bit broken and tired looking but interesting never-the-less.










Other rooms have some of the things she painted


There are stacks of books everywhere


As well as some magazines and art works


The oriental screen is quite lovely


You can just make out the soft toy rat on the cushion on the lounge


Can’t see it clearly…here’s a closer look.

rat on cushion_resize

Well the sun is setting so I better say see ya!









I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into someone elses life. If you can, visit the Tweed Art Gallery as the sights that you will see in Margaret Olley’s House will be worth the trip to Murwillumbah.


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