A few thing about April

A couple of time over the past week I have been at the beach. It was very overcast and not all that inviting but usually there is something on the beach that gets my attention. I would have loved to photograph the kangaroos on the beach but high on the headland would have to do.


There’s something about the water, sand and light that I see but can’t quite get what I want on a photo.


A rock full of molluscs always attracts attention.


While eating lunch, a Kookaburra came over to closely check us out.


The Emerald Dove is so funny. Just walks up the garden path to discover what’s in and around things, sometimes to get a drink out of a saucer under a pot plant.


The Black-chinned Honeyeaters were ever so cute when they had a washing session.


The Satin Bowerbird was very vocal while perched above the dam.


THe rain has been a blessing, bushes started to flower. The Chinaman’s Hat is a bit rude….I think I have been flipped off by a flower


I love finding insects and spiders in flowers especially when they are so small that you often miss seeing them as you walk by.


The rain also bought out some interesting fungi. Everyone knows how much I love fungi. This fungi blog is full of them. I have never seen a cup-shaped fungi before.


And it was so white.


See you next time.



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