A surprise visitor to the garden

The lack of rain has taken its toll on the garden. Plants are struggling and the dam is down to the last quarter. Last weekend I had to push the float out further into the middle of the dam before I could water the garden. Starting to decide which plants I am going to save and the ones who will have to do the best they can.

See the comparison from last year to this.


But I digress. The reason for mentioning the dry was that, in my garden, is a most wonderful little visitor who hasn’t been around for quite some time. When I first moved here there weren’t many birds, just a raven or two cawking around and the occasional flock of Rainbow Lorikeets flying over head. But one day I heard this sound, I thought sounded like someone rolling a handful of marbles around in the their hand, which turned out to be a Restless Flycatcher. Have a look and hear the sound on the link. I wondered whether they like being around when it’s a bit drier as it was during the early years living here.

I first saw the female but didn’t have a clue what sort of bird she was and couldn’t get a clear photo as she was busy eating a bug.


But then, nearby, I heard him call. So then for the rest of the afternoon and the next day I spent watching his hopping about the garden, singing and being ever so cute. Yes I did take quite a number of photos. Here is a selection of this delightful little visitor to my sad garden.


He just seemed to pose for a while then change around so I saw his many colours and bright eyes


A sneaky rear photo


He looked so indignant that I dare to photograph whilst he was rather ruffled when having a bit of a preen.


But soon set about posing for the camera once again


He loved his close-ups. A front-on


The a bit of this way.


And then this way


What a pretty bloke to have flitting about the garden with his erratic flying chasing unsuspecting insects don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “A surprise visitor to the garden

    1. What a great idea….I was wondering what I could for my next project…..That’s OK Skip I’ll tell everyone it was your idea
      Maybe they have a new Wedgenald…I have to have a look


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