Feet washing is such a chore

We all wash ourselves differently and some take more care with other “bits and pieces” than other body parts. I found it seems that some birds also have a bit of a fetish in making sure that they are rather clean all over……..and that includes the feet. Some people may wash standing on one leg, foot hooked over the other leg and scrub clean and other balance precariously on one leg balancing as the other foot get a good clean. But do you examine your feet to ensure that they are really clean.

You may remember the after bird bath routine the Wattlebird took. In case you can’t have a look here.

One of the Eastern Whipbirds best efforts in the bird bath was splashing about which probably doesn’t help to make sure your feet are clean.

Following is a look at how an Eastern Whipbird enjoys a bird bath. One day, a Whipbird flew down from the trees to take a bath. This is his story……

Today looks like a great day to take a bath. The other birds seem to have gone so it’s my turn.


Hmmm, the water looks good and refreshing and no one is watching.


I really think my feet need a good wash.


I better get in the bird bath again and have a good wash, especially my feet.


Blimey, they still look a bit off.


Maybe this time they’ll be OK. A good shake before I get in the bird bath again.


Well that was good but I think there is still a bit of someones’ left overs between my toes.


Strewth!!  Look at that.  This feet washing is so hard.


I dont care any more.


I am going to ignore the fact the you have been watching the whole painful episode of how hard it is to wash your feet!.


So….How do you wash your feet?

8 thoughts on “Feet washing is such a chore

  1. They are such fun these birds . . . never heard of them until I saw your posts. Been reading up and discover not only do they wash their feet but they do duets – how fabulous is that.

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