From my window

My window at the office is quite good with a lovely view of the Clarence River, across the park where the citizens of Grafton and visitors often stroll about, sit on the benches, sometimes to canoodle, sometimes a ball game will start up or they are off to the toilets as they walk beneath the window.

But this is not about the people, this is about the tall cypress pine that is almost in front of the window. The distraction is that the tree is often a resting place or a place where there may be a snack or two or somewhere to gather twigs to be carried off to the bird’s nest. There is often a bird or two bustling about the foliage, going about their business.

Of late, there has been a few Superb Fairy-wrens hopping about the branches.

This is their story…..

He said, “I’m sure it is down there somewhere”


“I’m saw it too. It just has to be there, it was earlier I’m sure,” she replied.


“Do you really think it is still around, down there on the ground,” he asked.


“Of course,” she said. “Look again and see if you can find it.”


“I’m not so sure any more but I will have another look, just in case.”


“Perhaps it has moved and is over there or somewhere else,” he pondered.


“Or maybe over there.”


“This is hopeless,” he said. “I’m going to find something else to do.”


And with that he was off, closely followed by his mate. Lovely little birds aren’t they?



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