Flowers in the bush

Around my place flowers seem to pop up all the time. Many are hard to see as they are so tiny. Most of the flowers are in the open paddocks or in the margins of the bush, with some plants in the gullies that run down from the ridge country down to the intermittent creeks that flow perpendicular to the gullies.

In these gullies are the pioneer rainforest plants which have been emerging over the years interspersed with an assortment of mosses, lichens and ferns. When the seasons and conditions are right for ferns one gully’s side is covered in Maiden Hair Ferns.

Some of the flowers are smaller than a 5 cent piece but I find that small is quite beautiful. I hope you enjoy a stroll among the native plants and flowers that inhabit my special place in the bush.

Some of the lichens and mosses seem to be alive with their small stems reaching out.


While other mosses are just so soft as the cascade out of the base of a Brushbox


Nearby an Elkhorn is trying to make its place in the world on the rock attended by little star moss trying to het a start as well


One of the ferns is a Five Fingered Fern which grows in every gully. This is a local name so elsewhere it may have another name.Image

One of the red flowers that grows on a longish stalk is almost translucent.


There is a small bush, Egg and Bacon, that has lovely flowers that native bees like.


These little mauve flowers seems to pop up on their own in random places from the paddock to the forest.


Orange flowers are easy to spot in the paddocks and these ones grow everywhere.


This one is similar to the other mauve flower. The bug who wanted to get into the photo is very tiny. Can you spot it?


Some have interesting stamen with their anthers ready to entice a pollinator.


The native wisteria spreads and trails throughout the bush.


This little hairy stemmed yellow flowering plant was one that I came across and not seen it again.


I just love this little beauty and it’s another that is seldom seen.


I just love flowers….don’t you?


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