What happens on a weekend

Some weekends turn up the most amazing things. I like to wander about, discovering…finding that special thing that almost asks for my attention. Well, not all like the limelight….you know – their 15 minutes – in some cases thats probably a life span – so they make things difficult. While others are quite content to show their best sides….or some just pop up at the right moment.

So off we go….as usual if any one know the name for anything in any photo, please let me know.

First, I found this bug who was hard to convince that it was a star. The bug, I call a shield bug, who said “no way I am in too much of a hurry…


The bug even thought that getting up somewhere high would be a good deterrent from all the attention….


Did you notice the little photo bomber….that miniscule beetle had three yellow spots on the head area.

The the shield bug decided that if it sat on the lens, it wouldn’t get its photo taken….


Thought, probably, that a bit of colour to splash around would just be the way to be seen….


A final close up and it was off to see what was else where around the place….didn’t see it again all day.


While we are looking at bugs, it is amazing what could be in a flower….a flower as weird-looking as a ginger plant harbours many an insect….remember that little spider in the ginger flower? I couldn’t find anyone in the flower but there has been a very small spider living in here who more than likely has been snatched by a wasp and taken off for “an adventure with the family”….


There are plenty of insects about at the moment…..so there are quite a number of birds enjoying a morsel or two.

Some of the birds are quite obvious with a sweet melody like the Fig Bird…..


Other remain in the background


Others, like the Wonga Pigeon just strut about on their daily ritual


A bug must have been struggling in the long grass and a Lewins Honeyeater came along, offering the bug a lift…..off he flew…helping the bug. The bug had a great view from the birds beak….the bird is just ready to pick the bug up…


Amongst the grasses were some quaint little fungi….this mushroom is about the size of a 20c piece….


I love how birds fluff themselves up…..thats all….


One of the best things about this time of year, flowers are appearing for summer. You saw the shield bug on the frangipani earlier but I love this hibiscus…the colours and blend of shapes…the colours….


Hope you enjoyed some of the things I see when I am out and about….

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