The Koalas that live around here are rather nomadic and only occasionally do they venture into the bush at my place. I haven’t seen any but have heard them at night singing their wonderful songs or as my daughter said one night that it sounds like we have pigs in the bush.

These photos are from my besties place where the Koala sit in the tree just near the house and some photos are from Victoria.

Some days it is just so bright that it is hard to keep your eyes open…..oh that’s right I sleep a hell of a lot

ImageKOALA FACT#1 Koalas sleep for around 19 hours a day

Maybe if I hide they won’t see me

ImageKOALA FACT #2 The koala’s latin name Phascolarctos cinereus means ash-coloured pouched bear

Oh….you’re still there

ImageKOALA FACT #3 Koalas are one of the few animals, along with ringtail possums and greater gliders, that feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves

Well, I guess I’d better do a better job of being invisible

ImageKOALA FACT #4  Koalas don’t normally drink water as they get sufficient water by licking the dew from leaves

Every now and then, the feet just dangle

ImageKOALA FACT #5 Koalas fur different around Australia. In the southern parts of Australia it is longer and shaggier than in the north

I love the light spot under the chin

ImageKOALA FACT #6 Koalas generally give birth to one young a year therefore their populations cannot increase rapidly

The claws don’t really send the cute and cuddly message do they

ImageKOALA FACT #7 Koalas are generally solitary, although they do have a social structure based on a dominant male

But for me, it’s the ears that I love

ImageKOALA FACT #8 The koala is not a bear but a marsupial whose closest relative is the wombat

I do dislike the way people call Koalas “Koala Bears” but that’s just me I guess.


Reference – http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/animals/thekoala.htm

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