One Day at the Grevillea

One of the favourite shrubs in the garden is the Honey Gem Grevillea. Luckily it is near the house so I can either sit on the verandah with a cuppa or something stronger or even just take photos through the kitchen window.


You can see why the birds just love the flowers. Some days they just drip with nectar…..bugs like the flowers as well…..can you spot them?


The Eastern Spinebills can always be heard chit chatting away as they wait their turn.


When they are in the shrub they are always on the lookout because the bigger birds tend to make it their own.


The main birds who tend to dominate the Honey Gem are the Blue Faced Honeyeaters when they arrive in numbers in late winter


The other bully of the Grevillea are the Friar Birds. They often battle with the Blue Faced Honeyeaters to see who owns it.


The Lewins Honeyeaters were boss of the garden in autumn


One day I was surprised to see New Holland Honeyeaters in the Honey Gem. That was a treat.


The Black Chinned Honeyeaters are polite as they sit nearby to wait their turn as well. Sometimes they will take a quick bath while they wait, making them look rather untidy.


The Yellowfaced Honeyeaters came for a few days in May.


In Autumn the Silvereyes suddenly swooped into the garden for a couple of days rest before continuing on their way.


Hope you have a great shrub or tree that attracts the birds, giving them a feed or just somewhere to sit.

*Disclaimer: It wasn’t all on one day 🙂

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