A Small Fire

It was the last day before fire restrictions. The pile of garden waste, sticks, bits of tree branches, leaves and some timber that had been munched by white ants or was just too rotten to use that had been there for the last couple of years. It was about time that I lit it up.


After the fire had died down a bit, I grabbed my camera as the fire made some great shapes and colours.


Every now and then the sparks would leap into the sky and dance about


The colours were quite unreal at times. The difference in colour of coals and flames as they licked the wood, the yellows, oranges, reds and pinks were rather striking.


Deep within the fire, the embers glowed and the reds deepened and shapes became alive.


As with any fire, there is always someone who has to find a stick to poke around among the coals.


Fire can be a wonder of shapes and colours but at the same time a fire can be a bit scary…..

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