Another day at the bird bath: Who splashes the most

I love watching the birds when they come in for a quick dip or a good long wash. Some just zip in for a quick wash while others really take bath time seriously. There are the birds who like to be alone when bathing, some make it a family affair but it is always a lot of splashing around.

The magpie just wanted to dive right in.


And once he was in, he just tossed beakfuls of water all around.


The Lewins Honeyeater liked a quick dip, a bit of a drip dry and then was off.


The Spangled Drongo often just sits and waits before diving in.


Inevitably someone else thinks its bath time as well, much to the Drongos disgust the Noisey Miner had bath time on its mind.


The Wattlebird also tried to extend the Drongos bathtime by just diving right in.


Usually the Wattlebird makes sure there isn’t anything in the water before venturing in.


The Noisey Miners are some of the birds who like to make bath time a family affair.


They just love to splash about.


But the best of all the bird bath splashers would have to be the Eastern Whipbird. After a bath, he liked to have a good shake.


But in the bird bath………


The Eastern Whipbird, I think, is the best splasher in the birdbath…what about you?

2 thoughts on “Another day at the bird bath: Who splashes the most

    1. I have to admit that it is not on my property but my besties….but I have access to the birds that pop in from time to time for a quick splash and dash…there are a few more posts that have the birdbath in them…enjoy a look around… bb


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