Sunday I saw stuff

I really enjoy walking around my besties garden or just sitting on the verandah with a cuppa watching birds just popping in…..sometimes to take a bath…..see some of the older posts to see what I mean…..maybe a bird bath selection will be next!!!!

The morning sun on the garden is quite spectacular at times….enhancing the colours of flowers, leaves, bark and berries.


The flowers looked so different to when I have photographed them before….this is a small flower and of course being on a longish stalk….any breeeze…


Near the chook yard…on a tree…..its a moth….very art deco my bestie reckons…..I love the texture on the bark….


The trees are filled with birdsong all day……the fig birds are the latest arrivals……they are getting the fruit from the tobacco bush….this one was high in the trees….


This while the wattle bird watched from a nearby tree…..


In the afternoon…..while having a cuppa on the verandah….mr and mrs golden whistler popped in for a quick tub….


He stayed in the shrub nearby to make sure it was safe while she had her bath…..


A quick shake and she whooshed up into the bottlebrush to dry off and to keep an eye out so mr could take a dip….


He was so quick in and out……..when he had his shake at the edge of the bird bath he did become rather befuzzled from his normal neat and tidy self……I love the water drops on his head….


It’s so lovely to be able to sit and watch the world go about its business isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Sunday I saw stuff

  1. Hi Brian! I don’t think you had much time for that cuppa on the verandah ~ way too busy taking beaut photos! Love the berries at the top, what are they? Also the golden whistlers are such a delight, and specially those water droplets. Thanks, that was lovely, and I managed to drink my cuppa while reading. Cheers Jane


    1. Thanks Jane. The berries are on a small bush but can’t remember the name. Will find out this weekend and let you know….I always take the camera to the verandah at cuppa time ‘cos something always happens along.


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