Insects: These are ants

Ants. They are everywhere. If you are standing somewhere….look down and almost certainly there will be ants.

I have a good many here…..the small black ants who walk all over you at a rapid rate and bite an annoying bite….blimey, I bet they say…..if we pull this one off, we’ll be eating like kings for months.


Yep….these little blokes. Sometimes In wish they would save themselves the trouble and I would like to be able to go outside and not have to do the “get off ant” stamp!!

But really they aren’t the ones I have to keep a watch out for….even the meat ants are quite tame.


They are nothing when you come across the bullants…… can stop and look at the mound of gravel and twigs and perhaps one or two will emerge.


Quite often after that some one will decide that you are too close and ask you to leave.


Those sure can sting and leave a fair-sized welt but the little ones are the ones who sting like hot coals or red-hot needles being stuck into your skin……and the stinging lasts for a while afterwards. One isn’t too bad but a lot of stings is rather painful.


Look out…… they come…….


Some of my favourites are the ones who glimmer like gold…..who just wander around the verandah….sometimes just meandering about, occasionally stopping for a drink…


But most of the time, there’s too much that needs doing so it a quick sprint…..and a see ya later…


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