Insects: It’s all about bees

Bees are a necessary part of life……they add colour and sound to the garden as the buzz around the flowers. There are so many different bees in all sizes, shapes and colours. The native bees are so small compared to the other larger types.

I was informed by Carmen @Honey_Delight that a healthy bee was fat and furry. This blue bummed bee scrunched, sometimes you have to scrunch, in the Blue Ginger must be rather healthy don’t you think?


Whew……it is such a relief to be able to stretch out and get zooming off to the next flower


The little native bees often share the pollen from the flowers. They are nearly always in a group when the smell the sweet flowers are full for them to collect.


After a storm, the native bees even gathered the pollen from the fallen flowers of the Bangalow Palm. I love how the pollen sacs glisten.


No matter what you do, there is always someone watching…….


And when they get going, boy can they buzz along, even when they have a load of pollen aboard.


Hope you have enjoyed a buzz around the gardens with me and the bees……

7 thoughts on “Insects: It’s all about bees

  1. thank you for your beautiful photos of our bees
    Did you know
    Bangalow should be Bangalore what happened was the Surveyor Calvert in 1845 spelt it as he interpreted the informant said …But our language goes back to ancient Dravidian over 12500 plus generations ago. In Coffs Harbour we have Bangalor Creek on the Uper Maro we have Bangalore Falls plus we have native stands of Bangalow palms Then we have Beehive Range… the valley of the Bees at Korora a Dravidian name as well Our Beeaway language of Coombangree now spelt Gumbayngirr our native honey bee “woogin” white wing tip “djuleinan” which we made a honey drink called “Coooloni” tasted like old English Mead


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