Moon Goddess

The moon

full and bright,

in my garden,

casts shadows among the trees –

I thought I saw

you there…

dancing –

a woman of beauty,

a moon goddess.

Moonbeams casting…

landing on petals,

shining on my skin,

entering my being

enveloping my heart

making it race,

distracting my thoughts

so I think of nothing

but her,

dancing in my garden,

lighting my life.

I shall sit here –

awaiting her come near

that I might steal a kiss,

my arms

encircle her waist

drawing her to me,

to feel her warmth,

her goddess fullness –

a moment of passion…

to believe that

the dancing in the shadows

is not a dream,

a dream of beauty,

a dream of

my moon goddess –

casting her beams

throughout my garden,



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