Birds around the place

This set of photos are a mix of my place and others that I have photographed on my roaming around the north coast of NSW.

I’ll start with some of the birds of prey. It is always a treat to see the soaring in the sky but when I come across some just sitting, it gives me a chance to see them up close and hopefully to get a good photo or two.


This Wedged Tailed Eagle is one of a pair that have been living near my place for quite some time….it is a real treat to see two or sometimes three wheeling about on the currents, although the chooks are rather sceptical about that comment. I am always amazed when I am outside and I hear the rooster give a special call which sends his ladies scurrying under the bushes near the fence or into the chook house. I look about and look skyward and way away in the sky is a Wedged Tailed Eagle. How on earth did the rooster see the eagle!!


One morning I was heading to town and sitting on the side of the road was the Wedged Tailed Eagle snacking on a bit of road kill. By the time I had my camera out and had quietly opened the door of the car, he had sensed paparazzi and had started to take flight…a few big steps and flaps of those huge wings he was airborne and behind the trees.


Along the Clarence River, the elctricity company has built some nesting platforms to stop the Ospreys building their nests on the power poles. Usually you can see a head popping up over the nest’s edge but, if lucky, they are out fishing, especially in the late afternoon.


Also fishing along the Clarence River are Sqaretailed Kites. This one lives in the trees near to Grafton and is quite often cruising the river for snacks.


Kestrals also fly around the river in Grafton. This one caught a Water Dragon and was having lunch on top of a power pole.

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